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Sample questions

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QUESTION 1: Discuss the difference between eBusiness and eCommerce. (MINIMUM 200 words, 1 APA source)QUESTION 2: Identify 8 common elements of B2C websites (Hint: the “Shopping Cart” is one). The most common transactions performed on B2B websites involve purchasing. How does purchasing in a B2B environment differ from consumers shopping online at a B2C website? (MINIMUM 250 words, 1 APA source)QUESTION 3: What are the biggest obstacles faced by a brick and mortar company that wishes to establish an eCommerce website? (Hint: don’t just focus on technical issues, consider cultural obstacles, pushback from various constituencies, customer acceptance and satisfaction, etc.) (MINIMUM 200 words, 1 APA source)QUESTION 4: How should content on an eCommerce site be managed? (Hint: what content needs to be managed, who should be responsible for site content, how should it be updated, what controls (approval process, etc.) need to be in place). (MINIMUM 200 words, 1 APA source)ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM, MUST USE CREDIBLE SOURCES. DUE 12/29/18 AT 11AM EST.Purchase the answer to view it
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